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A few months ago I had the most amazing mini break with 2 girls that I hadn’t ever met properly aka Rosie and Carey !  Crazy I hear you say!  Well we are all kind of crazy in our own little way which is why I think we got along so well!

We are all fellow photographers that got together through the power of FaceBook and try as we might we never managed to be able to fix a date to actually meet up.  Then Rosie mentioned that her cousin Fiona had a cottage on the Isle of Tiree and did we fancy a short break there?  As luck would have it the dates were perfect and before you knew it myself and Carey were on that plane flying up to Tiree!

The weather over the course of the 4 days we were there couldn’t have been better and I almost felt as though I had flown abroad!  The cottage was perfect in everyway – thank you Rosie’s cousin!  The days were spent exploring the beauty of the Island and the nights cooking, drinking and talking into the wee small hours!  Simply put it was heaven!

I most certainly left a piece of my heart in Tiree – when can we go back girls???

Check out their amazing websites too! Love Skye Photography and Carey Sheffield


Click on the images below to see a few more of their amazing day…


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