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A few months ago I was extremely excited to be driving down to see my beautiful friend Vikki, her adorable husband and their bump!  I was also extremely lucky to be able to be photographing the bump too!  As well as doing a lovely maternity shoot with Bob on the first day (which you can see here) Vikki and I had planned to do a bump come boudoir session as well.  Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you aren’t sexy!  Infact I can honestly say that Vikki was uber sexy and felt it!  It was a joy to see how amazing she looked but clearly how amazing she felt too!  I mean how often as a woman do you love how you look?  I swear if Vikki looked in the mirror and saw the way she oozed self confidence she would be singing ‘you sexy thing’ to her reflection!

I think you will have to agree with me that she looked simply amazing!!

PS.  The product of this amazing bump is now with us in the form of their gorgeous son Elis.

Click on the images below to see a few more of this gorgeous session…


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