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A little bit about the girl with curls…


Hi there! I’m Tracey – I’m slightly bonkers and like to talk a lot!  I should be an advert for BT really!  I am a UK based photographer living in Northamptonshire, but have travelled around quite a lot, I think I have a bit of gypsy in me!

People always think I am quite tall but in reality I am only 5ft 2″!

My legs are more recognised than my face!

I am a self taught photographer and stumbled into photography more out of curiosity than a burning desire since I was 3!  I did a whole year of self portraits to push my creativity and to get to know my camera.  You can see the full 365 project by clicking here.

I’m a bit of a mother hen to those close to me, I don’t even know I am doing it, but have been known to walk my friends across the road like the lolly pop lady!


Scones and if I am not eating them I am baking them.

Dogs, whenever in the presence of them I suddenly put on a very silly voice to talk them – but we all do that don’t we??!

Being silly!  I laugh a lot and love to make fun of myself or make others laugh.  Life is for living right?!

Scarves – I have waaaay too many of them but always like to keep my neck warm!

Drinking Prosecco and eating twiglets while wearing my pyjamas!  Sometimes I throw some crochet or knitting into the mix too but that doesn’t always end well…. 😉


Chocolate – I know I am a freak right…..!!

Routine – I would die of boredom if I knew that it was fish every Friday for supper!  Variety is the spice of life!

Smoked cheese – just why would you do that to a perfectly respectable block of cheddar?!

Humidity – I have very curly hair – nuff said!!