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Turning 70 is a big deal and not one that I wasn’t going to be a part of when it’s your own Mom and even if I do say so myself she looks amazing for her age – I obviously take after her – cough cough!

While my Mom knew we were all travelling up in a minibus to see her for the weekend she didn’t know that behind the scenes we were planning a surprise BBQ party for her!  We snuck her out for a pamper day and while the ladies were out having their beautifications done my Pops, brothers and other family members were busy decorating the garden to surprise her when she arrived home!

It wasn’t without a few hitches however – the Tesco food van arrived too early and so my Mom ended up opening up the door and saying it wasn’t for her!  And a couple of friends dropped a clanger when they called in that morning apologising for not being able to make it later!!  Gah!  Lol!  Anyway despite the minor hiccups the day was fantastic!  Just having my family altogether was such a blessing and we had some giggles and a half!

My Pops had also arranged for a local busker to come in and play music – he was amazing!  I do hope that he has found someone to sign him up!

Click on the images below to see a few more of my barking mad family..


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