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I first met Liam and Charlie on a chilly day in January in a local country pub to discuss the possibility of me being their wedding photographer.  I immediately felt comfortable in their company and indeed probably spent far more time than usual on a pre-wed meet chatting!

We set a date for their pre-wed shoot for June 17th and settled on the beautiful Batsford Aboretum as the location of choice.  The weather of late, as we know, has been somewhat unpredictable and right on cue it took a turn for the worse on the morning of the shoot with the heavens having opened all the previous night.  The rain may have left a damp air all over the aboretum but there was no dampening of Charlie and Liam’s spirit!

Living fairly close to the aboretum I had already mapped out a route for us to casually walk around.  What I didn’t account for were how similar each tree looked so we ended up taking a slight detour!  Liam and Charlie were very patient and forgiving of my little diversion even though it involved quite a hefty hike up the hill!

The connection between Liam and Charlie is plain to see, the little glances, the small touches, the smiles and most apparent – the laughter!  Liam is quite the joker and had not just Charlie in fits of giggles on the day but me too!

Huge thanks to both Liam and Charlie for being such amazing stars for the day and for getting through the mammoth session!  I don’t normally take so long on a shoot but I was having so much fun we ended up staying and shooting for 4 hours!

Not long now til their big day in August – I am so excited and can’t wait to be there to share and capture their special day.

Until then here is a very small selection of Liam and Charlie’s pre-wed.