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I know it’s been a little while since I last blogged but time just seems to find a way to run away with itself!

If you remember I ran a little competition back in January for a couple to win their wedding photography for free.  Well I haven’t forgotten to inform you of the winners but I had to keep it a secret for a while!  Let me explain….

Rob and Martine first met in 1985 at college when Rob used to steal Martines buttery toast!  They ended up falling in love but sadly University took them to opposite ends of the country and distance took its toll with the relationship drawing to a close.  Over the years they both married other people but through social circles knew of each other’s lives.  Sadly as life does both Martine and Rob’s marriages failed and ended in divorce.  However true love found its course and they met up for lunch ( now in their 40’s) and well I guess you can say the rest is history!

While their friends knew that they were an item nobody knew that marriage was on the cards!  Hence why I couldn’t announce anything!  Rob and Martine invited their friends to a party but didn’t tell them that they were celebrating the fact that they were married that morning!

The ceremony took place at the gorgeous Nottingham Council House with just a few members of family there, no formal tradition was followed so both Rob and Martine walked in together.  This was followed with a small but intimate afternoon tea at the Riverbank – Trentbridge in Nottingham before the evening guest arrived to find out their surprise!

I guess ultimately you can call me a sucker for romance!  And true love really does conquer all!

Special thanks to Paul Grace for second shooting for me 🙂