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Yup, that’s me lurking in the meadow there!

I’ll wade through corn fields or lie down in the mud if that’s the angle it takes to get the shot!

On a family shoot my aim is to make it as much fun and as relaxing as possible.  I know it is difficult being in front of the camera so I will do my utmost to make you less conscious of that.  I aim to capture you and your family as naturally as possible.  The best way to achieve this is that you choose a location that is of relevance to you.  That way you are more comfortable in the surroundings and it also has an emotional connection for you.  And remember weather isn’t your enemy it’s your adventure, so come prepared with brollies, wellies or sunglasses!

As well as family shoots and portraits I also do portfolio work.  Here is an example of the sort of shoot that I could do for you.

Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss anything about my work – I don’t bite, lol!

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Photo credit to my beautiful friend and fellow photographer Emma Hiller.