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I feel so privileged to have been able to second shoot the wedding of Ross and Faye at Wick Farm Bath for so many reasons!  Aside from the fact that they were a joy to work with and were up for any suggestions we had they are the ultimate in romance because they are childhood sweethearts!  From a very early age Faye’s Mum just knew that Ross and Faye one day would marry!  How beautiful is that!  She said to me that she saw the way Faye looked at Ross when she first saw him and she just knew!  Gosh even typing this makes me feel all warm and happy!

I first met Ross and Faye on their pre-wed shoot around the city of Bath, once their initial trepidations of being photographed were overcome it was totally clear to see how much they adored each other.  This was completely apparent on the wedding day too.

Just a small selection of their beautiful day for you to enjoy!

HUGE thanks as always to Rob for allowing me to be a partner in crime and second shooting with him and of course to Faye and Ross for allowing me to be a part of their special day x

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